Ferdi D'Souza

Ferdi is an internationally recognized name in leadership development. He has a track record for altering organizational culture and developing leadership at all levels of the organization. His leadership coaching is grounded in a technology whose roots lie in a conviction that, to be a leader one requires a depth of understanding and acceptance of oneself – a willingness to distinguish what is missing in oneself and then to develop it.


Ferdi’s style is simple yet empowering. He listens, and when he speaks, what he says leaves you with a transformed and empowered view of life from which improved productivity and performance emerge.

Manoj Onkar

Manoj has an impressive 24 years’ experience in Organizational Development and People Transformation, particularly in the field of leadership development. He is an OD Consultant, Master Coach and Master Trainer. As Landmark Forum Leader and Seminar Leader he has worked with thousands of people worldwide, helping them in their personal and professional transformation journey. As a Corporate Professional, he has trained and certified hundreds of Trainers and Coaches in the B2B, B2C and Education Sectors. He is known for managing breakthrough projects in establishing, as well as transforming, organizations.


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Vivek Chopra

Vivek has over 20 years of experience with individuals and executives in Communications, Relationships, Leadership and Effective Performance. He approaches Coaching with a combination of Ontology (the science and study of ‘being’) and practical work practices from the Mission Control Productivity Principles. His clients not only experience a shift in their perspective and approach to issues, but also a high level of clarity in executing their plans that enables them to achieve expanded results.

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Aljor Perreras

Aljor is a mindset and performance coach. He has been empowering people and organizations for nearly 20 years. He returned to the Philippines from the US in 2001 to promote a personal transformative education called The Curriculum for Living by Landmark Education. Along with managing the Philippines operation, he helped expand the education in South East Asia. Aljor also became a senior program leader in that organization, leading the flagship program called the Landmark Forum. He has been leading personal growth seminars and leadership programs for nearly two decades, and transformed thousands of people in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Aljor belongs to a group called Emerging Futurz, an informal aggrupation of worldwide transformation educators and leaders committed to shift the consciousness of businesses, society, and individuals for the creation of a new reality on the planet. 

In 2021, Aljor founded Primordium Inc., a business consulting company delivering Personal Growth, Leadership

 and Business Development programs, intending to empower and enable people and

 organizations to be extraordinary.


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