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Leadership from the Emerging Future (LFEF) open workshop for Individuals

LFEF Cohort 25-30th April to 1st May 2022 – followed by 6 follow-up evening seminars

Leadership from the Emerging Future

A special workshop for Leadersand Entrepreneurs

Workshop based on the principles of Theory U

Theory U was created by Senior Lecturer Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT Sloan School of Management to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change. Over the past two decades, Theory U as a change framework and set of methodologies has been used by thousands of organisations and communities worldwide to address our most pressing global challenges: climate change, food systems, inequality and exclusion, finance, healthcare and education.


People who have participated in this workshop have experienced breakthroughs and abilities in the following areas:

• Deep listening and building authentic connections with stake holders
• Ability to create profound collaborations within the team
• Develop skills to transform team culture
• Begin to sense the emerging future and fulfil new possibilities
• Develop the ability to make better decisions
• Create an organisation which operates from passion and purpose


Ferdi D'souza

Ferdi D’Souza is an internationally recognised name in leadership development. He has a track record for altering organisational culture and developing leadership at all levels of the organisation.

His leadership coaching is grounded in a technology whose roots lie in a conviction that, to be a leader one requires a depth of understanding and acceptance of oneself – a willingness to distinguish what is missing in oneself and then to develop it.

Ferdi’s style is simple yet empowering. He listens, and when he speaks, what he says leaves you with a transformed and empowered view of life from which improved productivity and performance emerge.

Manoj Onkar

Manoj Onkar has an impressive 24 years experience in organisational development and people transformation, particularly in the field of leadership development.

He is an OD Consultant, master coach and master trainer. As Landmark Forum Leader and Seminar Leader he has worked with thousands of people worldwide, helping them in their personal and professional transformation journey.

As a corporate professional, he has trained and certified hundreds of trainers and coaches in the B2B, B2C and education sectors. He is known for managing breakthrough projects in establishing as well as transforming organisations.

Vivek Chopra

Vivek Chopra has a track record and experience of over 20 years in training and coaching individuals and executives in communication, relationship, leadership and effective performance.

He approaches coaching with a combination of Ontology (the science and study of ‘being’) and practical work practices from the Mission Control productivity principles.


His clients not only experience a shift in their perspective and approach to issues, but also high level of clarity in executing their plans that enables them to achieve expanded results.

Who should attend

• CEOs, CXOs and Directors
• Senior Managers graduating to leadership roles
• Entrepreneurs and Founders

Workshop Format

Dates: 30th April , 1st May 2022

2 Days + 6 sessions (once a week)

Timings: 12.00 pm – 8.00 pm India Time (IST)

Location: Online via Zoom video conference

Early Bird Tution: 250 GBP
Normal Tution: 350 GBP


Email: lfef@emergingfuturz.com

Manoj Onkar: +91 9106456275

Vivek Chopra: +91 9810034613

Leadership from the emerging future​

A 21st Century Leadership Development Technology based on the technology for transformational development outlined in Dr Otto Scharmer’s book “Leadership for the Emerging Future” and “The Presencing Institute

learn listening skills

Learn Deep Listenining

Participants' testimonials


A series of video clips in which participants ahre their experiences