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Kannan - a US based Entrepreneur, learns to "listen from nothing" and...

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Jyoti's second experience at an LFEF cohort

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Mahendra becomes aware of his downloading

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Meenu Yadav (in Hindi), learnt to connect better with people

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Nithya - a student
loved the Empathy Walk.
Uses it to connect
with people

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Bhumi Surana -student, becomes aware of her downloading and discovers a new father

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Ekta Sehgal moves from downloading to real listening and...
discovers a new daughter

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About Us

Our Leadership Programs are based on Dr Otto Scharmer’s book “Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges.
The innovative leadership and change management work done by Dr C. Otto Scharmer of MIT, and the Presencing Institute he founded, have been our foundation too.

We are a team of associates linked with a common purpose: to make a difference in the world around us. We are passionately committed to the Transformation of Business, Society and Self. It is now time for a new consciousness and a new collective leadership capacity to meet challenges in a more conscious, intentional and strategic way. The development of such a capacity will allow us to create a future of greater possibility. We believe that there is a new future for mankind wanting to be born, and we want to be instrumental in its coming into existence.

Our work is the awakening of the inherent leadership capacity of people, not only in business and organizations, but also in society. We work with corporates, institutions, government organizations, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs and committed individuals.

Are you sensing and actualizing the emerging future?

Open Workshops

A series of open workshops are available for individuals and organizations on a range of topics, including leadership, culture building, communication, teamwork & collaboration, strategy, innovation, sales & entrepreneurship and other relevant topics.

We have had the privilege of serving participants from ten countries and 30 industries, across different seniority and experience levels.
On-request customized workshops are also possible for a select group of participants.
Please contact

with your interest areas and requirements.

In-House Workshops

In-house workshops are an extraordinary opportunity to transform the awareness levels of teams and organizations, and to bring a new momentum to the desired change management, fulfilling a new future.

Topics include collective leadership, culture building, communication, teamwork & collaboration, strategy & execution, the Innovative Thinking System & building an innovation culture, sales transformation & scientific sales management and other relevant topics.

Please contact with your interest areas and requirements. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for CEOs, MDs, CXOs and Directors is an exclusive service.

We help leaders address the real-life challenges and opportunities for individuals and the company.

We coach on topics such as providing leadership, culture building, communication, teamwork & collaboration, strategy & execution, Innovation Management, sales transformation & sales management, Problem Solving and other relevant topics. Please contact with your interest areas and requirements. 

OD Consulting

Organizational Development (OD) Consulting is our specialization.

We partner entrepreneurs and organizations to facilitate their journey from their current state to the desired future state of the organization. This service is industry agnostic and we have had the privilege of supporting large, as well as small and medium size, organizations.

The relationships are generally from one to five years long, depending on the objectives, challenges and team capabilities.

The success of an intervention
depends on the interior condition of the intervenor – Bill O’Brien

Master Trainers
and Coaches

Ferdi – Manoj – Vivek – Aljor

Over 100 years of combined experience in individual and organizational transformation

Our Bestseller Courses

A special workshop
for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

An advanced course, ideal for those who have completed the Leaderhip for the Emerging Future (LFEF) course

Participant Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Watch participants share their transformational experiences.

It will help me with better relationships
As a politician, I learnt to listen and dialogue..